Welcome to the last refuge of quality pixel
What's this now?!
Annoyed with game developers equating sloppy art with being "retro"?
Sick of 2D games animating like something you played on newgrounds back in 2003?

Here at Last Dimensions we... I make quality pixel art, detailed full-frame character animation, old-fashioned 2D games, and (quite unfortunately) disappoint Kickstarter backers.
About us
Hi! Andrew (darkfalzx) Bado here! I've been making computer and videogames since the late 80s. I am a 2D and pixel artist with 15+ years of industry experience, working for companies such as WayForward, Gameloft, Dreamrift, Majesco, and BluePoint. Some of the projects I worked on include Shantae: Pirate's Curse/Risky's Revenge, Monster Tale, Adventure Time: Hey Ice King, Devil's Bluff, Oregon Trail (J2ME and iOS), Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego (J2ME), and Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion (3DS). I have also self-published several free and commercial games for PC, Mac, Linux and OUYA.

I am currently hard at work developing my Kickstarter project: The Legend of Iya, but you can always hit me up for some contract work!